Sunday, 24 February 2013


    I have roughly drawn out both species for character design here. 
First, you have to understand what am I doing:
  • A fire dancer.
  • A legendary creature - "Fire Salamander"
For the personality.... I'll say the left one loves challenges, and the right one is the "Mr.Nice Guy"...
I don't feel like using the Salamander, but yet I want to stick to my theme "the lizard shape inside the fire"... I found out this beautiful reptile Red-eyed Crocodile Skink,  that pattern around their eyes really can symbolic the element 'FIRE'... plus they look wayyyy better than Salamander... ><

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????@@"


  1. at first I liked the Croc, but then I was looking more at the salamadar and he would be cool idk this wasn't much of a help-if this is for the new character assignment, I am thinking that the croc would look cool if he were old but the salamandar would look really cute at a baby~ I like the Croc's structure more, but the salamadar would be great for more of a flowy lines and action poses...I didn't give you a concrete answer, sorry Coco! ( now I think maybe you should go with Salamandar?)

    1. Yeah... I think I'm going with the Salamander.
      I just roughly draw the salamander out, hoping people would choose the Skink more... well, turn out its the opposite.
      Now I drawing a few concept art of the Salamander, trying to develop more how to draw it nicely. I'll save the Skink for next time!!!
      THANKS!!!! :)

  2. I dig the skink more. I know this post is a few months old, but for what it's worth, the skink is worth revisiting. It's much more aesthetically pleasing to me.