Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Seeing him with my own eyes.

I finally get to see Michelangelo's DAVID...
As I stepped into the museum, and looked to my right.
And there he is, standing gracefully right there.
My heart was beating so damn fast!!!????
After all these years, seeing his pictures on Google...
TODAY, I get to see him in person, with my own eyes...
It was like a little girl who gets to meet her idol,
it was too overwhelming...

THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!! This is happening too fast.
I have to look at other art works to calm myself,
this is too sudden...
My eyes were all teary as I walked more closer to him...
It's so beautiful, way better than any HD photos of him.

As I was drawing him, tourists watching me draw from the back...
It's still just David and me, nobody else.
You know what I'm saying???
But it's good to hear people praising my drawing~ lol

Juno was half way done, because it was the time for the museum to close down~lol
I was like...
"I'll drop by again, babe~"
I gave her a blow kiss and left.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

"My Florence" Post Card :)

One of our assignments that we have to do in our Italy trip. :)
So we have to make a post card.
We have to draw what we have experienced in Florence, and draw it on post card.
We could either send it to ourself or anyone special to you.

It did take me a while to choose someone to send to,
(I don't want to send it to myself... it's kind of weird...)
so I have decided to send it to my elementary school Art teacher. ^^
It has been a long time that I have contacted her, good thing I have her facebook!!

I hope she will like it~<3
After all, I drew it with my heart and soul...
she better likes it...