Sunday, 23 September 2012


With more gradient in the background... 2 thumbnails.... DONE!!
Time for bed, night!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dig deeper

So I was too lazy to do my homework, but never too lazy for my work!!!!xD
So I ended up drawing myself again<3
Here's what I did as a rough drawing with colour pencil,
then with the magic of photoshop...
Cute as hell baby!!!!!
I can assure you that I look just like that in real life!!!!
I'm awesome!!!

"Dig deeper"... Actually it was from a teacher who told me this when I was in elementary school.
She sid she saw my talent, but I'm not using it well; I need to dig deeper to look for my true talent. She said "Right now you found that little part of gold, but you're too lazy too dig deeper. Try to dig more, you will find something that will surprise yourself underneath those dirt."
And it's still clear in my head, I want to an animation about memory thank her for seeing the real me.

PEOPLE. Dig deeper, find that piece of gold inside you.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

An IDEA!!! :D

I believe lots of people are like me that are crazy about wolves~ lol
So I kinda look up for some mythologies about them, then I found the BEAST Fenrir.
I was fascinated by the story itself, and there's a prophecy about his escape and his sons, Sköll and Hati.

As the third year of this winter of war comes to a close, an aged and cruel giantess gives birth to a pack of monstrous wolves, sired by the dreaded wolf Fenrir. The children of Fenrir would soon tear at the very heavens, devouring the moon, and the sun ray by ray until it's waning, blood-red light was extinguish entirely. The wolf Hati will finally catch and swallow the Sun, and the wolf Skoll will finally catch and swallow the Moon.

The earth will shudder, so violently that trees will be uprooted, and mountains will fall, and every bond and fetter will snap and sever, freeing Loki and his son Fenrir. This terrible wolf's slavering mouth will gape wide open, so wide that his lower jaw scrapes against the ground and his upper jaw presses against the sky. He will gape even more widely if there is room. Flames will dance in his eye and leap from his nostrils.

So later on, I might design both of his son Sköll and Hati. ^w^

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Project: BALLs *Case Closed*

The balls project is done!!!!!!!!! THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!
That took my soul, blood and sweat to finish it!!!!D8
Lucky I have nice time management, could finish before other groups start; or else, we will be fighting over the computers to do pencil test... HA. = ="
I wish I could upload videos of my project up here, but it takes FOREVER to upload, so I gave up.
But post it on facebook is wayyyy faster, I don't know why...

THESE are the amount of paper I used for this assignment.
Impressive eh?? xD

And in every single page, there is only ONE tiny little circle in there!!!

  • Bouncing Ball
           Pencil guide: 1
           Frames: 25
  • Bowling Ball
          Pencil guide: 1
          Frames: 82
  • Balloon
          Pencil guide: 2
          Frames: 160
  • Pendulum
          Pencil guide: 1
And 2 other frames of background... so in total, there are 286 pieces of paper I have used.

I swear I'm gonna reuse these papers. T______T

And later this night, I played with my gouache again~

Except the foot and the abs one, the rest are based on my imaginary. o3o
Not my best works, but with more practices, the more skill I'll get. :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Practice is sooo much fun!!!:)

So I was playing with my gouache for the first time, I simply have no idea how to control it...
Since I have no experience on water colour before, I really suck at it....=="
But it was before I went to any painting lessons, I had painting lessons in high school; the art teacher was such a great teacher, she taught me well, although we only work on acrylic.

For the first time, I challenge my 'water bending'... I was hoping I won't fail again...
It turned out something like this~~~~
Not bad!!!x)
For a first-timer like me~

Love it, but hope I can do way more better than this next time~:)
AND NOW that I just noticed that sword is in the wrong way... after I looking at it for a while... but what is done is done.
I'll do better next time. TTvTT

Sunday, 16 September 2012

We don't have weekend

Normal college/university students used their weekend for rest, fun, hanging out with friends or... studying~
I went back to school to work on BALLs project, but still not done yet. (Mostly that firetrucking balloon)
DAT BALLOON... I'm on 124th frame right now, which is all free-hand drawn... is killing me, and the balloon is only almost hitting the ground... so according my calculation, I still need... one more little bounce and a roll on the ground... that's around 40-50 frames/pictures to draw... lol... TTvTT

Gosh!! In these 2 days, I sat at the studio from 1pm-10/11pm to work!!!!!! Of 'cause there were a lot distraction~ LOL
But the best part is... you can find a lot of things in the studio!!!! Things people left behind!!! For now, I have found a news print, peg bar without name on it, a metal ruler, a pencil case and a sweater... sigh*
But lucky I found the peg bar owner. (Almost can claim it, dang it!!)

Although working at school during weekend, it's a chance for us to know people from other group, get to know what they are up to~:)
It was pretty fun most of the time!!!^^

What I did today:
^ This for my painting class, these are not the final ones.
'cause there are a few places are different, but I will correct it when I paint it~:P
hope the prof won't deduct my mark...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life Drawing Class >:3

Last week was my first time to have life drawing class, so my hand couldn't stop shaking...  turned out I got a punch of crappy drawings...... =________="
But TODAY!!! Another challenge, and I'm ready for it!!!!!!
While the teacher was checking our drawing in my roll, when it's about my turn... the prof just walked past me. I was like "Not sure that my drawings are good... or he just missed me." BUT I was the last one in the roll!!! How could he missed me!!!????D:
So I waited, maybe he'll come back for me... wait wait wait wait*
Almost the end of the class, I raised up hand up high. He didn't come right away, he checked the whole roll again which I have to wait.....T_____T why????
When he arrives and checks it, I SUCCEED!!!! He said my drawings and the structures are good!!!!! :D
I made a huge improvement!!!! YESH!!!!!
And here are my 'products' in the class.

^I think both are around 3-5 minutes? Too lazy to check, but it's around that timing~

^This is how I look like to my prof!!!! xD

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Character Design

Next Tuesday we're going to have Character Design class~
I think I'm gonna use this little guy here. ^^
I hope the mark isn't too complicate~ I tried my best to make it simple.... O,O

Today I had my first life drawing class~~
Gosh! My back hurt as hell!!! Surprisingly, after standing for 3 hours my legs don't feel pain at all!!! It's only my back... URGH!!!
At the end of the class, the prof showed us his sketching to us, he was sketching us while we're working on our life drawing!!! And I'm one of it!!!!!!!xD
Too bad I didn't take picture of it~ HA!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So we had a bouncing ball practice in class, after the professor go through with us. She let us work for a while, see if anyone has any questions. And here's the joke....

This is only a quick sketch on PS. 
Plus, I've been working on those BALLS, my eyes kinda can't focus now~@@
LOL, better get some rest now~

That was a priceless moment, it proves that group A has dirty mind~ LMAO!!!!!!!x'D
After that, she keeps saying the word "BALLS." with strong cowboy accent...
*Sigh* I guess we can't stop laughing when we heard the word until thus assignment is over~

Here's the stuff we did in class~

First Class:)

Okay, this post was suppose to be uploaded yesterday. But I was too busy discovering how to use this blog... which is a ROYAL PAIN IN MY... *cough* *cough*

So yesterday was my first day of Animation class. I had Character Design and Layout, the professors are hilarious!!!!!!!!!! x'D
I wish I have more this kind of teacher in my high school~
Lucky the darkest hour of my life is gone now~^^

Got to move on, and draw a new page of my life. ;)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hey people, how's it going? I'm just a random international student from Sheridan College, studying first year Animation. Which is pretty awesome, it's the biggest accomplishment I've ever done in my whole life. I just suddenly choose to study Arts in my late high school year, so most of my relatives have never seen my work and don't even know I could draw. So they were trying to stop to chase my dream and force me to take business in universities... I stand up for myself against them, I know what I have to apply this program; I know I can could do this. Later on, my mom supports me as well.

I make this post just thank her, now we have 2 "future animator" in the house. :)
Cause' my sis in this program as well.

My relatives in Hong Kong don't know about this school, so when they heard it's a college... they kind of look down at us. But I don't care, I'm going to DO MY VERY BEST to proof them wrong. They have no rights to look down at any artists. I will proof it with my payoff.