Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Practice is sooo much fun!!!:)

So I was playing with my gouache for the first time, I simply have no idea how to control it...
Since I have no experience on water colour before, I really suck at it....=="
But it was before I went to any painting lessons, I had painting lessons in high school; the art teacher was such a great teacher, she taught me well, although we only work on acrylic.

For the first time, I challenge my 'water bending'... I was hoping I won't fail again...
It turned out something like this~~~~
Not bad!!!x)
For a first-timer like me~

Love it, but hope I can do way more better than this next time~:)
AND NOW that I just noticed that sword is in the wrong way... after I looking at it for a while... but what is done is done.
I'll do better next time. TTvTT

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