Sunday, 16 September 2012

We don't have weekend

Normal college/university students used their weekend for rest, fun, hanging out with friends or... studying~
I went back to school to work on BALLs project, but still not done yet. (Mostly that firetrucking balloon)
DAT BALLOON... I'm on 124th frame right now, which is all free-hand drawn... is killing me, and the balloon is only almost hitting the ground... so according my calculation, I still need... one more little bounce and a roll on the ground... that's around 40-50 frames/pictures to draw... lol... TTvTT

Gosh!! In these 2 days, I sat at the studio from 1pm-10/11pm to work!!!!!! Of 'cause there were a lot distraction~ LOL
But the best part is... you can find a lot of things in the studio!!!! Things people left behind!!! For now, I have found a news print, peg bar without name on it, a metal ruler, a pencil case and a sweater... sigh*
But lucky I found the peg bar owner. (Almost can claim it, dang it!!)

Although working at school during weekend, it's a chance for us to know people from other group, get to know what they are up to~:)
It was pretty fun most of the time!!!^^

What I did today:
^ This for my painting class, these are not the final ones.
'cause there are a few places are different, but I will correct it when I paint it~:P
hope the prof won't deduct my mark...

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