Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Project: BALLs *Case Closed*

The balls project is done!!!!!!!!! THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!
That took my soul, blood and sweat to finish it!!!!D8
Lucky I have nice time management, could finish before other groups start; or else, we will be fighting over the computers to do pencil test... HA. = ="
I wish I could upload videos of my project up here, but it takes FOREVER to upload, so I gave up.
But post it on facebook is wayyyy faster, I don't know why...

THESE are the amount of paper I used for this assignment.
Impressive eh?? xD

And in every single page, there is only ONE tiny little circle in there!!!

  • Bouncing Ball
           Pencil guide: 1
           Frames: 25
  • Bowling Ball
          Pencil guide: 1
          Frames: 82
  • Balloon
          Pencil guide: 2
          Frames: 160
  • Pendulum
          Pencil guide: 1
And 2 other frames of background... so in total, there are 286 pieces of paper I have used.

I swear I'm gonna reuse these papers. T______T

And later this night, I played with my gouache again~

Except the foot and the abs one, the rest are based on my imaginary. o3o
Not my best works, but with more practices, the more skill I'll get. :)

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