Thursday, 13 September 2012

Life Drawing Class >:3

Last week was my first time to have life drawing class, so my hand couldn't stop shaking...  turned out I got a punch of crappy drawings...... =________="
But TODAY!!! Another challenge, and I'm ready for it!!!!!!
While the teacher was checking our drawing in my roll, when it's about my turn... the prof just walked past me. I was like "Not sure that my drawings are good... or he just missed me." BUT I was the last one in the roll!!! How could he missed me!!!????D:
So I waited, maybe he'll come back for me... wait wait wait wait*
Almost the end of the class, I raised up hand up high. He didn't come right away, he checked the whole roll again which I have to wait.....T_____T why????
When he arrives and checks it, I SUCCEED!!!! He said my drawings and the structures are good!!!!! :D
I made a huge improvement!!!! YESH!!!!!
And here are my 'products' in the class.

^I think both are around 3-5 minutes? Too lazy to check, but it's around that timing~

^This is how I look like to my prof!!!! xD

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