Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cell Painting STEP BY STEP!!!!!!


But I did enjoy painting... FOR THE FIRST TIME...
It's called cell painting, a very old fashion way to animate in the past,
Bambie could be a great example, each frames were painted by hand!!!@@
Lucky we don't have to animate it, we just need to paint one frame~ LOL
And here's mine~

STEP 1: Paint a BG.

STEP 2: Do a rough sketch of your character on a cooking paper or any see through paper.

STEP 3: Put the acetate (the plastic thing) on top of your sketch, and trace the outline with a waterproof marker. ( make sure it's on the right spot)

STEP 4: Then flip the acetate, and paint it from the back. ( Tip: paint the details and pattern first.)

STEP 5: Wait until it's fully dry, flip it back and put it on top of your BG.
Isn't it pretty!!!???? I hate the BG, 'cause I suck at painting... but whatever~
My character is the main point!!!! xD 

Here's a "zoom in" one~

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