Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sketches of the day

What do you do when you're bored?
You pack your stuff and head off to a museum,
and spend the next 7 hours there. (Even though I was planning to spend 10 hours there... but my body wouldn't let me.)
There were a lot of kids praising my drawings!! <3
Until an old man came up to me with his grandson, so this is what happened...
Grandpa: You're very talented.
Me: Thank you! :)
Grandpa: *Look at his grandson* Do you want to bring your note book with you nest time? Just sit here and draw?
Grandson: No... I don't want to do that... *drag his grandpa away*
My thought: It's ok, kid. It's quit painful just sitting here for hours and draw.
I was drawing the skeleton of Chasmosaurus' skeleton, a pair of brother and sister came up to me.
Brother: What are you drawing?
Me: That skeleton over there. *Point behind him*
Bother: You're really good. *runs off to his parents with his sister*
The sister ran back to me and said...
Sister: Hey! Do you have any idea what to draw next?
Me: Not really, what do you suggest? (Actually I do, but I want to hear a kid's thought.)
Sister: Draw the T-Rex! *Huge grin*
Me: Oh my! Ha ha ha, that would be a challenge. But I'll try. (Although I did one already on the previous page.)
And there she goes, back to her parents.
By the time I reached this page, my hip, back, arms are ACHING!!!
I'm too old for sitting too long...

It was a very productive day I must say! :)

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